Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The need for a decent forum for research

My friend Michael J. Hurst has complained, eloquently and frequently, on the need for a place for serious discussions of Tarot history. There aren't many serious Tarot historians out there, and all the most active history forums are, or quickly become, dominated by card-readers and occultists. They soon drive out the historians who only want to discuss the evidence, the real history, and new discoveries in the light of that history.

I don't have to go into it. The point of this blog is to present my own discoveries and opinions, and to allow others to comment on whatever I post here. Or to ask sincere questions. Real discoveries will be rare, but there's enough in what's already known to keep the discussions going for a long time.


Ross G.R. Caldwell said...

Checking comments function.

Ross G.R. Caldwell said...

I'll try to write here instead of writing in my notebook. I usually have one or two worthy thoughts a day.

And sometimes even a discovery!

Maybe if others start blogs, we can link up and comment on one anothers' research.


Michael said...

It's about time!

Oudler said...

Have you considered a Tarot games forum. These are not dominated by card readers or occultists.
Here's a good example

Oudler said...

oops! that should be

belmurru said...

Thanks for the notification of philebus' forum, Oudler. I didn't know he set one up.

I've joined, but so far haven't been able to confirm my account.

I don't know if a discussion of historical research or symbolism, let alone speculation, is appropriate for that forum, although I know philebus is interested in those areas.

Arlene deWinter said...

I am not trying to spam you or anything, I just thought you might like my interview with Paul Huson on Tarot history at my blog:
This page is so interesting and very in depth. I am happy I found it looking for images!
Arlene deWinter